To Do:

  1. Keep a list of things that happened to you today.
  2. Pare it down to five (5) things.
  3. Share with [Emily / Mary]
  4. Post on blog.

Hi, everyone! We’ve just launched our new blog 5fivethings. We hope you visit often!

Note: We wouldn’t have minded “” or “,” but there are two seemingly nice gentleman who already own those names. The former could be a Brit, and likes Christopher Nolan, “The Wire,” and updating on U.S. Thanksgiving. The latter likes these five things: baseball, dogs, family, reading and writing. Both don’t seem too convinced that anyone will read their blogs, ever.

I would not stop you if you’d like to drop them a line and mention that neither of them have updated their blogs since – oddly enough, the same month & year – November 2006. Maybe with enough convincing, one might relinquish their name to us! Wishful thinking?

Anyway, thank you for visiting. Tell your friends! Tell our friends! I was going to add something like “add us to your RSS feeds, your tumblrs, your twitters, your flitters, your jitters, and your GoogleReaders” etc. but I think you get the point.

Because you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t smart.

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