Who are you guys?

Five (5) things is a collaboration between Mary and Emily that started out as a one-off idea last April, via email, and has grown into something else.  Amazing, tragic, enlightening, confusing, weird, serendipitous, boring, complicated and hilarious things happen to us every day. But the concept is simple:

  1. Keep a list of (minimum) five things that happen to you during your day.
  2. Don’t think about them too much.
  3. Share them.

Mary is currently living in Portland, OR. Mary likes dogs and cats (and has one of each), her bicycles (she has two), her car (an old Volvo that used to belong to her mother), libraries, rain, coffee, music, softball, Mexican food and beer.  She is currently gathering moss while waiting to become an Oregon resident so she can eventually afford to attend school, as she eventually wants to be a bonafide librarian with her own MLS degree and everything.

Mary also really likes this lately:

Emily is currently living in Salt Lake City, UT. Emily likes frozen yogurt in weird flavors, coffee, backyard chicken TV, colored jeans, bloggin’, sunshine, riding bicycles, lists, Broad City and proofreading everything. She is currently working as an office manager at a tutoring center.

Emily also really likes this lately:

Mary and Emily are currently geographically challenged.

P.S. The photo in our header image is that of a five dollar bill Mary picked up in Portland sometime in July. It had “Fugazi” written on it, and she managed to save it (not spending it, out of honor and respect) until September 21, 2011.

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