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School starts on Monday.

5 things!  Saturday September 24th

  1. Unplanned, I keep waking up early.  I think it is slightly stress induced but I can’t be sure.  I’ve heard that people start waking up early when they age.  Is this true?  In any case, I wake up knowing Todd is going to be coming back from his surfing trip tomorrow (Sunday) so I best be cleaning up his place soon.  Walk dog, drink coffee.  Typical morning routine right there, save for the waking up early part.  Listened to Fiery Furnaces on the dog walk and it reminded me of the Carpenters for some reason.
  2. I went to Warren’s house to pick up his motorcycle as previously arranged.   Warren runs a little record store out of his garage on Saturdays, but he’s not really been open much all summer, as he has been busy going to the river and riding his motorcycle.  I can’t remember the name of his shop but it has something to do with the ax that is fastened over the garage door, next to a record.  Ax records?  Anyway.  He asked me if I could help him with a couple of distro jobs in the next few days and he also said he’s going on tour for a month and would I like to babysit the motorbike to which I replied nonverbally by clapping my hands repeatedly while grinning like a loon.  As he gave me his keys, I asked about my helmet options, seeing as how the one he normally lends me is so large I have to wear a hat and a hoodie (hood up) in order to keep the helmet from slipping off of my head altogether.  SO DANGEROUS.  He had a new-used white full-faced number that fit my smallish head perfectly.
  3. Rode Warren’s little red Yamaha 400 to Kristi’s house.  I wasn’t sure what/who to expect on this impromptu ride she had invited me on, seeing as how I barely know Kristi, but it was Mar and Liza’s old house and so it was nice and familiar.  There is even a cat there that looks like Booty (M&L’s long lean man-cat).  Kristi has two bikes: an effing sweet Honda 350-Four with cropped café style bars and a little old Honda Dream that she’s been fixing up.  She explained that she having an awful time with her carburators which gave me a headache just listening (I have the same problem with the carbs on my old BMW which is still in SLC).  Honda Dreams are hard to work on anyways, because the parts are rare and hard to find.  Finn came over and then we rode (Finn riding on the back of Kristi’s 350) , met up with a few other queers and  rode out to Sauvie’s Island.  There were five bikes in all, and it was awesome.  I forgot how fun it can be to ride with a group, everyone taking on a stagger formation.  It reminded me a lot of when my old Portland motorbike buddy named JJ joined an old Norton bike club, and they would do monthly rides and even though they were old old Nortons and BSAs, anyone was welcome, and these old seasoned dudes would chide me on my german bike, but then they’d wink and grin with weathered wrinkled faces and take off down MLK.  Good lord it was so fun.  Laughing in my helmet fun.  Short story long, it was awesome to ride around with these ladies.  We rode to the beach at Sauvie’s and passed all of the pumpkin patches with their huge scarecrows propped up high above the already tall Halloween corn mazes.  At the beach we all sat in a row along a driftwood log and shared Dill Pickle flavored potato chips  and talked about the underground tunnels and sports teams and school and whatever.  Every now and again we’d hear the song “Under the Sea” from the Little Mermaid drifting through the air from down the Willamette, which was confusing.  It turned out to be an ICE CREAM BOAT, and Finn and Kristi desperately flagged it down like they were shipwrecked and the ice cream boat would save them, which could be a metaphor for so many other things.
  4. After the ride I went and dropped the bike back off to Warren who was in his record store/garage still, watching a soccer match on his laptop.  He told me he likes soccer, but prefers basketball, but with the NBA still on strike, he’s scratching the sports itch, which is funny coming from a guy that wears beatle-boots and white v-neck tees.  We chatted for a while, about nothing of particular interest, which is so nice.  I like when two people can sit and chat about nothing, but just be in good company to each other.  As I was leaving I saw a Klaus Nomi record so I picked it up.  I told Warren that Klaus Nomi reminds me of when my mother was sick and I brought over a documentary about him from the library and we watched it together. After watching that, my mom became obsessed with him and read everything she could find online about him, and looked for his albums.   Then I picked up a Françoise Hardy record.  “She is so Hot.”  I stated.  Warren nodded solemnly.  “Yes.  Yes she is.”
  5. Met up with Clint who is in town on bike tour.  We bought a six pack of porter and drank it out at the Skidmore Bluffs, and then met up with Mark and his friend Matt downtown.  DOWNTOWN on a SATURDAY NIGHT.  I didn’t feel like I was in Portland anymore, it was such a whirlwind of people and lights and shiny exciting nightlife.  We started at one bar called “SCANDALS” which was very typically gay in style and music (diva + techno/house+ really good haircuts), but then went over to a place that Matt recommended which was actually very classy and lovely and mellow called HOBO’S.  I don’t know why they would call it that, as it was beautiful dark wood bar and tables and nice ambiance and was playing classier things like Diana Ross’ “Love Hangover”.  After that I don’t feel like anything happened.  We drank some more, and then I felt bloated and went home which felt like the right decision.  Oh, also I listened to Fugazi all day.

    I took pictures of the motorcycle ride but can't upload them, so in the meantime, here is a picture of my dog at the beach.

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A text message conversation between Mary Ryder & Emily Moroz
September 16-17, 2011

Mary: Holy sh*t. Romancing the stone on Netflix! YES. It’s SO GOOD!
Emily: Omg i’m watching it.
Mary: Right now? Or soon?
Emily: Wait a second… Is KT the one whose voice reminds you of mine?!
Mary: I KNOW, RIGHT? we’ll see if it holds up to my childhood memories.
Mary: But Kathleen Turner is SMOKING HOT.
Mary: Yes! Sometimes.
Emily: Is she the cat lady?
Mary: Huh? She’s the writer.
Emily: Yes. With the cat named Romeo.
Mary: Yes!
Emily: Ahh..i miss the good old days of being able to fly into Colombia.
Mary: Wait til you get to the part where they’re bartering over the price of him (md) helping her (kt). Hilarious.
Emily: Wow. She’s got such a sexy voice. I’m flattered. I don’t see the sex appeal just yet because she is so helpless & simpering.
Mary: Dude! When she’s sitting with her publisher at the bar? And her hairs all done up like a church lady? Awesome and hot.
Emily: I think she was wearing a turtleneck. Didn’t you make fun of me once for wearing turtlenecks?
Emily: This woman is an idiot.
Mary: Come on! Its 1984!
Emily: Okay, so she’s charming. 1984 must have been like the dark ages. Maybe you didn’t make fun of me for turtlenecks. I forgive you if you did.
Mary: Also! He is helping her for 375 in travelers checks! Come on! Its funny!
Mary: And yes, ridiculous, but that is kind of the point.
Emily: It is pretty funny. But then didn’t he yell “the deal is off” while they were being shot at by policia? They’ve just discovered the plane full of weed. Will they light it on fire and get hella blazed? P.s. Pilot w/ grateful dead jacket. Nice
Mary: “Oh you know what marijuana is?” “I went to college.”
Emily: I knowwww. It’s made me lol like 6 times already! It’s awesome! I like that MD is like, taking bong rips off the fire.
Mary: Plastic and all! But the scene I’m watching now is very disappointing. But the one with the ‘little mule’ is excellent.
Mary: Trivia! MD is 40 and kt is 30 when this movie came out.
Emily: Oh my godddd. The music during this Little Mule scene. Ten years, huh?
Mary: In the village? At the party? Puke fest.
Mary: Also, for as cheesy as this movie is, that part is almost unbearable.
Emily: Oh brother. Yeah. ewwwwww.
Mary: The crux is pretty awesome though! She’s kicking ass!
Emily: i can’t wait!!!!
Emily: This movie is MADCAP.
Mary: I know!!!!!!
Mary: I just finished it! Call me if you want to process!
Emily: He mispronounces Cartagena the whole damn movie.
Mary: Omg I know.
Mary: Look at those snappers!

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