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Movers and Shakers (or “shakings,” as the case may be).


Responses to Emily’s:
It is truly sad that Paul B. lost his father so close to his birthday.  There’s a slap in the face from mortality for you, the simultaneous celebration that comes with EXISTENCE paired with the solemn realization of loss, and while there is celebration of the person with the BIRTHDAY (wut, wut, holla, candles, cake celebrating, etc.) there is always a bit of grief, humbling and serene.  These are the days that creep up on you.  They will both be intertwined for a long time, the birth and the death, possibly/probably for the rest of his life.  Hang in there, Paul, it ain’t easy.
I am so jealous of your food clubs all of the time.  They just seem to get better and better and better.  And then, they get better and better.  And better.  I also know the love of a good pen.  AND, last but not least, I can picture your moms’ face falling when she realizes there are no cookies to be had.  😦  (SAD EMOTICON- is what have I stooped to, this is the same feeling when I think of Barzun or other ways that new technology is re-inventing present day language.  WOAH.  It’s happening, and I have no way of defending/preserving it.)
Tuesday October 4
  1. WORDS CAN’T EVEN DESCRIBE HOW AMAZING IT IS TO SLEEP IN MY OWN BED AGAIN.  After having my bed unused, useless and stored on its ends since June, I am finally feeling like my bed is a place of respite and retreat again.  My new (gigantic) room gets such nice light, easy to wake up in, soft and grey.  I’m so into it.  Waking up slowly, I am sprawled, my limbs pointing in all four corners like a compass, or that one DaVinci drawing only with pajamas.  Lucifer is stretched out on his side on the floor, groaning like the old man that he is.  I realize I am smiling.
  2. I’ve been driving too much lately, so opted to ride my bike to a prospective employment opportunity in NW Portland.  The bike ride there was quick and easy, overcast and cool temperatures that are ideal.  At one point I was riding off the Broadway bridge onto NW Lovejoy, and as I was speeding down the ramp, I saw a one dollar bill stuck on the wet pavement of the bike lane.  It didn’t occur to me what it was until I was a good 20-30 feet past it, but once I did I found myself pumping my brakes a little bit, questioning whether I should go back and get it, not because I needed a dollar, but because I have somewhat of a superstition regarding finding money on the ground that has been kind of ingrained in me against my will.  I couldn’t help thinking that maybe that could’ve been the dollar that changed my luck around, but it seemed foolish to be unsafe in bike traffic to go back and get it.  It also made me think of this guy I used to know, an ex-friend, who was a money-driven, swindler-esque and “get-rich-quick”-ish sort of braggart, and a self-proclaimed “ladies man” (ew).  His shady behavior ultimately being one of many of the catalysts for the end of our friendship, I knew that he would risk traffic to flounder for a dollar.  All of these thoughts rushed into my brain as my fingers twitched on the brake-levers.  I spit the bad taste out of my mouth and kept pedaling, leaving the dollar behind. 
  3. I went to the DMV to get a copy of my driving record.  I should not have gone to the DMV downtown, as the wait was an hour and a half for a two minute request.  I will never get that time back.  It would’ve been so worth it to ride to the Kenton neighborhood, where there is a separate window for little tasks like mine, no test takers, no registration re-dos, none of that stuff.  Just the quick and painless line for renewals and driving records.  BUT, I sat there in the downtown DMV, next to people who struck up conversations about their jobs at McDonalds (I sound so smug, but at least they have a job), and I feel a little guilty until they start loudly comparing anti-psychotic medications that they are on.  GODIAMSUCHAHATER and I am soooo not going to heaven because I can feel myself judging them.  Ug.  I play Solitaire on my smart phone with its touch screen with a fury and try to tune them out.  Eventually my number is called and I am free to go, packing all of my first-world privileges in my waterproof bike bag as I leave.
  4. SCARRED a little by the DMV (tongue-in-cheek), I ride through rainy downtown and take a wrong turn, forcing me up onto the sidewalk for about a half-block.  Knowing that this is a) illegal and b) a jerky-lame bicyclist maneuver, I coast very slowly and carefully, shameful, and knowingly in the wrong.  A couple, haggard and weathered, like they’ve seen enough hard times to be anywhere between 22 and 45 but still look older, are sitting on a picnic bench with large dirty backpacks and razor scooters.  As I pass, the guy snarls at me “You’re not supposed to be riding up here, bitch.”  I am in the frame of mind where my delivery is near-perfect:  “I know,” I say, “thanks for understanding that things sometimes don’t go how you planned them.”  With that, I hopped my bike off the curb and merged with the traffic, and it’s damn near a movie moment.
  5. I took Lucifer on a walk to Beaumont Market to get some beer for Nate and I.  It’s the cutest little grocery store I ever did see and it was awesome to walk into their beer cooler room and see the most amazing display of artisan beers I ever did see from such a little tiny grocery store.  Immediately at eye level upon walking into the cooler, there was the Uinta Double IPA, with the custom Leia Bell label, greeting me like a friend.  Greeting me like it were Leia.

    Salt Lake Awesome in PDX.

    It made me feel proud and homesick all at once.  Leia is an amazing woman and mother, but also happens to be a brilliant and humble artist in her own right.  Friends in beer coolers.  The label that Trent Call did was in there too, but I don’t know him personally so it didn’t have the same effect and gripping nostalgia that Leia’s label did.  However, I hear he is a great dude.  Beaumont Market also had some Epic Brewery beer in the cooler also, and while I don’t know any of those Epic people personally either, those beers have participated in some memorable (or shall I say forgettable) moments as well.  Cheers for getting these to Oregon.

Another day, another dollar, smashed onto the bike lane of NW Lovejoy.  Finders-keepers, I am rich with fortune.  “Be brave, young lovers, wherever you are…”

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It never quite happens how you plan it, and when it does, it’s a miracle.

+ (5)Cinq Choses + Vendredi/Samedi + 30/01 Septembre/Octobre + 2011 +

  1. I dropped out of school.  Such a sad, and disheartening blow of a thing to do.  After much deliberation and the buying of textbooks I am currently not a student.  I called Financial Aid and the helpful person on the other end (this is not sarcastic, they seemed genuinely sad and tried to be supportive of my decision) told me I could use the dispersement meant for this term and split it up between Winter and Spring terms, but there is an air of defeat around me now.  And I will probably just wait the year and go in the fall when I am an official resident, but it’s nice to know I have the option of Winter/Spring, as it might give me the semblance that my whole plan of moving up here to be a student is not completely in vain.
  2. I met up with Katie Z. for coffee, who has a great androgynous style about her that she pulls off nicely and that I appreciate and admire.  Katie is funny, and so, so awkward, but she is kind and warm and gracious.  While we were sitting in the sun, a bee flew into her coffee.  It was kind of sad.
  3. I met Elizabeth at the North Portland Library after she got out of her yoga class, where I returned some books and printed out a copy of resume draft #324.  We walked around for a while, sitting by the fountain at Peninsula Park and lamenting about the changes of plans that we weren’t counting on.  My failure to be back in school, her failure to be back in Nicaragua, we are both running out of money.  Our failures and then our blessings, where we both admit to good fortune, and know that things will always work out in the end.  We walked some more, and then ended up at a little utilitarian playing field on the corner of Kerby and Alberta.  We sat on her yoga mat that she had been carrying around because the grass was a little wet.  Lucifer rolled in the grass, rolled and rolled, snorting and scratching and blissing out so hard.  He is captivating when he does this.  It really might be my favorite thing that he does right now (other examples are when he “makes his bed” by scratching at rugs or carpets, and what I call his “dinosaur noises” that he only started doing in the last couple of years).  Elizabeth started going though her phone and suggesting networks of people she knows about for potential jobs.  It was very encouraging, as she seems in the know about a lot, and has a lot of hustle with a lot of people.  I’m moving the rest of my stuff this weekend, and Elizabeth offered to help me with the big stuff, so we will do that tomorrow and then go to Portland’s Greek Festival, drink beer, and eat spanakopita and those little deep fried bread balls drenched in honey, and it will be good and rewarding.  It’s the little things.
  4. Seeing as how it was Meredith’s birthday, I was happy to see her feeling so much better then she has been all week with her bunk back.  Earlier in the day they drove out to Lake Oswego to buy some gluten-free cupcakes for the birthday times.  She split up the four that they had bought and we all shared, my favorite being one called “Hot Chocolate”, followed by the lemon-raspberry. Jeremy and Sam both were eating the Mexican chocolate one, and Jeremy kept making an amazing/confusing face.  “What’s wrong?” I asked, “is it gross?”  “Oh, that is his face of approval,” Meredith informed me, and Jeremy nodded emphatically with crumbs falling out of his mouth.  Then they were off to a different birthday party, just like that.  Sam was going to a party also, and he wore a suit.  He looked amazing.  Damn, that man is handsome.
  5. I went to Katie Z’s house for Evan’s birthday party.  I didn’t really know anyone there except for Katie, but it was okay and I do alright mingling.  I was planning on not staying too late, but after a couple of hours I had met some really nice folks, and two other ladies named Mary which doesn’t happen too often, though Mary and I discussed that old lady names are making a comeback.  Mary is also a twin, and we ended up discussing twin experiences with another lady (whose name has left me) who is the older sister of twins.  Me personally, I am not a twin, so I can’t even pretend to know anything really.  Katie, Evan and I all danced to John Maus and the Rolling Stones “Emotional Rescue” which was great fun.  THEN!  In true form, I decided then and there that that was the crux of the night and therefore it was time to leave. So I did, just like that.
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The Temporal/The Corporeal

5 things for Thursday September 22

  1.  I was a gaping bottomless hunger pit today, and grumpy about it.  I keep hoping to hear from the people who magically make food stamps happen (I somehow equate this with a Wizard of Oz type of scenario for some reason).  The government man who, in his dingy office, gives me a card that somehow equates to me being able to eat on a regular basis.  It is like a strange kind of magic.  Hopefully this can happen soon.  I also know that I am premenstrual, and quitting smoking and drinking as of late is probably adding to the desire of hand-to-mouth behavior, and general hormonal craziness.
  2. Luc has been bundles and spurts of energy lately on our walks.  We walked to Woodlawn Park again, and he was doing sprints of running across the field, which is more running than a 14 year old dog-man should be doing.  My heart bursts in affection for him when he flops on the grass and wriggles around, bending his body in half and kicking his skinny, seemingly fragile legs up into the air in powerful circular kicking motions.  I used to think that he was rolling in something gross (which often might still be the case) but really I think his fur is so thick that rolling in grass must feel really good…like a rewarding back scratch, like Baloo in the Disney Jungle Book cartoon.  Also at the park, a large fountain erupting, and a toddler with no grasp of verbal language, gesturing wildly at it shrieking “UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!” while its mother recorded with her mobile device.  The kid’s eyes were like saucers, pointing and looking in amazement from the fountain to its mother back to the fountain like it was the most mind-blowing, amazing thing it had ever seen in its life, which is possibly true.  Moments like this make me feel grateful and jaded all at once.
  3. Dropped my car off at Alamo Auto Repair, which consists three older mechanics who have carved a serious niche in the Volvo mechanic service of Portland.  These dudes are gems, the stuff of legend.  I took the car in for an oil change, but got new window switches!  A new rubber pad for my clutch pedal!  And my defrost hose adjusted!  And a list of things I should eventually fix.  All for no extra charge.  I will always suggest them for new business, but they never answer the phone because they are so busy.  Job security!  The lot that they work on is a crazy tetris puzzle of Volvos in all shapes sizes and states of broken-ness and disarray but nothing gets those guys down, I swear.
  4. After dropping my car off I bike the 7 + miles to PSU to print off some resumes and check out their job fair.  It was a lovely ride, really.  Being in Portland, it’s so nice to see all the thruways so clearly marked and easy to navigate.  And now that it’s turning fall, everything feels so temporal and corporeal.  As I passed 21st and Ankeny, I saw my friend Erin who often is known by the name “Chach”.  I stopped and hugged her and asked her about a trip she’d recently returned from.  She was heading to PSU too.  “I have my car, or I would bike with you,” she said.  She told me she got a tutoring job with Portland Schools.  Then she told me that there were something like 350 applicants and they chose HER.  This information kind of set me off on a hopeless moody trajectory.  I am stoked for her, but one can’t help but feel a little helpless at that kind of news.  I think reality is really hitting me, after months of care-free living.
  5. The PSU thing turned out to be a shit show.  Discouraged, I ended up talking to my dear friend Katie G., who cheered me on, and then called in some names for me to take resumes to, all of which I did.  Every day is a new challenge for sure, but I just keep going a day at a time, knowing that it will all work out eventually.  It seems crazy to think though, that 6 months ago, I was laying in my bed in Salt Lake City and literally thought to myself: “I AM SO HAPPY.  I AM SO HAPPY THAT I CAN’T IMAGINE THAT I WILL EVER BE THIS HAPPY AGAIN”.  But I will be.  Bring on the corporeal, bring on the temporal, now.

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