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Creature Comforts

5 things Monday September 26, 2011
  1. It’s so nice to be in Jeremy and Meredith’s house.  This morning, while I was making coffee, Sam came into the kitchen with amazing bedhead.  Right after he said he was going to go out for coffee at a coffeeshop as opposed to making it at home, he cut his finger slicing a bagel.  I gave him a sympathetic frown, all while thinking “that could have been me, that could have been me, without coffee, that would’ve been me“.  Was also informed that there is a pedestrian bridge that makes it a lot easier to cross Powell and zip over to the esplanade making getting to school very fast and rewarding.  (Thanks, Jeremy, for that information.)  The whole morning got me thinking about space and environment, and how something could be comfortable, open and giving, and other space can feel so creepy or controlled or toxic.  I wonder what my space feels like to other people.  My space is usually filled with dog hair.  People with pet allergies usually avoid my space.
  2. Ma class de Français!  I was worried about this class, having taking first year French in Salt Lake City, then transferring from semesters to quarters.  I was apprehensive because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be in line with where the first year PSU Frenchies were going to be.  My professor is a nervous kid taking on a role as an adjunct professor.  Initially, I thought he was a fellow student. He is from France, and only spoke in French to us, most of which I kind of understood…a pleasant surprise since I have not studied all summer.  He went over the syllabus and how to use the book (which was similar to the book we used in SLC) and had us all go around and introduce ourselves and where we were from.  After the class I tried to go talk to him about placement, and he didn’t understand what I was asking.  Meaning French is his first language.  Meaning, he doesn’t really understand English which weirdly made me feel some kind of illogical affection for him.  As we struggled with the language barrier, a girl who had also stayed behind interjected and asked me, “Did you understand class today?”  “About 80% of it, “ I said.  “Then you should stay in this class,” and she explained her reasons a bit.   For validation, I texted mon ami dans SLC Jeff, who told me that the textbooks are the same for his semester back home!  So I felt a lot better about dropping $170 bones on a single textbook to further my education.
  3. Went to the PSU Bike Hub and procured a free map of the downtown vicinity, because even though I have lived in Portland on and off for over six years, I still get fucking lost all the time downtown, especially as I am moonlighting as someone who lives in SE right now.  I’ve spent only a short stint in SE, which calls for new ways, routes and systems and bridges that I’ve rarely ever used.  I am making good use of the esplanade today, which is lovely with the brown choppy waters juxtaposed against the pale grey sky and the jagged skyline of downtown buildings and the huge pylons that are holding the bridges up.  It’s so beautiful here, albeit moody.  Maybe that’s why I like it.  You know what else I like?  That the little scraps of paper for use in the Millar Library are old cards from a card catalog.   The first time I went there I stole a whole stack of them, thinking I would send them all out like little birds to friends.  People make those things out of nostalgia, recreate them on printing presses and here they are just for the taking.  I want to do something with them, but right now they are all just bundled with some old SLC postcards that I bought when I first moved back to SLC and never wrote or sent.  I still think I will, but maybe not to people in SLC.  I keep thinking about Pete and Steph in Milwaukee, and Susy in NYC.
  4. Went to Fidelity Investments where I had to stand on this electric floor mat that would automatically log me off of my session if I stepped off of it.  Or shuffled my feet.  I told the guy in the suit that I couldn’t verify my account at home even though they sent me new a link for it.  AS IT TURNS OUT, whoever entered my information entered my birthday WRONG, which felt bad for some reason.  Like they have money of mine, but I couldn’t access it because of their lack of attention to detail.  NBD, it turns out since in this process I am quite aware that I am basically considered to be at poverty level.  C’est la vie. I have resigned myself to the idea that I will always be poor-ish, but really my problems are still relatively first-world problems, and that I still need to suck it up and be grateful, damn it.
  5. Women’s Studies class is going to be awesome.  My teacher is a beautiful, large, dreadlocked black lady who kind of had the same no-nonsense that reminded me of Libby with more of a sense of humor.  The class is kind of large, but everyone was extremely present and diverse and on point.  Seriously, Utah is so much more white and self-righteous in comparison.  Jeremy: “How was school?” Me: “You know what the weirdest thing was for me at school today?” Jeremy: “What’s that?” Me:  “People actually make eye contact and smile”.  He laughed, but it’s true!  I hope that all of my posts don’t revolve around school.  I’m gonna have to mentally check it.  BUT, before I change any subjects, I got texts from so many rad people wishing me luck today!  Including my girl, who I luv.
  6. Meredith has chronic back pain, and today she was hurting pretty bad.  To stave off the boredom that Meredith has been coping with all day they decided to watch a movie, so I joined them for part of “Wall Street:Money Never Sleeps” and it was god-awful.  Probably the most redeeming thing about it is watching Carey Mulligan (who I find just adorable) and the fact that I was watching it with the Peanut Gallery.  Seriously, between me, Jeremy, Meredith and Sam, we were cracking ourselves up, pointing out that the blood-thirsty actors playing blood- thirsty investors/traders don’t pay taxes anyway and that most of Shia LaDouche’s dialogue was probably overdubbed among other things, but it was one of those “you had to be there” kind of moments.  Plus, Lucifer was being really cute and laying on the floor close to Meredith, which I think she likes.  She told me earlier today that Luc is good company-I was glad that he could be that for her while she’s been so laid out.

This is posting a couple of days later, but that is the glory of this thing.  It’s whatever we want it to be in the moment, and it will probably continue to change.  That being said, I think I have to drop out of school already but that will be detailed in another post.  FIN. À bientôt, mes amis.

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A text message conversation between Mary Ryder & Emily Moroz
September 16-17, 2011

Mary: Holy sh*t. Romancing the stone on Netflix! YES. It’s SO GOOD!
Emily: Omg i’m watching it.
Mary: Right now? Or soon?
Emily: Wait a second… Is KT the one whose voice reminds you of mine?!
Mary: I KNOW, RIGHT? we’ll see if it holds up to my childhood memories.
Mary: But Kathleen Turner is SMOKING HOT.
Mary: Yes! Sometimes.
Emily: Is she the cat lady?
Mary: Huh? She’s the writer.
Emily: Yes. With the cat named Romeo.
Mary: Yes!
Emily: Ahh..i miss the good old days of being able to fly into Colombia.
Mary: Wait til you get to the part where they’re bartering over the price of him (md) helping her (kt). Hilarious.
Emily: Wow. She’s got such a sexy voice. I’m flattered. I don’t see the sex appeal just yet because she is so helpless & simpering.
Mary: Dude! When she’s sitting with her publisher at the bar? And her hairs all done up like a church lady? Awesome and hot.
Emily: I think she was wearing a turtleneck. Didn’t you make fun of me once for wearing turtlenecks?
Emily: This woman is an idiot.
Mary: Come on! Its 1984!
Emily: Okay, so she’s charming. 1984 must have been like the dark ages. Maybe you didn’t make fun of me for turtlenecks. I forgive you if you did.
Mary: Also! He is helping her for 375 in travelers checks! Come on! Its funny!
Mary: And yes, ridiculous, but that is kind of the point.
Emily: It is pretty funny. But then didn’t he yell “the deal is off” while they were being shot at by policia? They’ve just discovered the plane full of weed. Will they light it on fire and get hella blazed? P.s. Pilot w/ grateful dead jacket. Nice
Mary: “Oh you know what marijuana is?” “I went to college.”
Emily: I knowwww. It’s made me lol like 6 times already! It’s awesome! I like that MD is like, taking bong rips off the fire.
Mary: Plastic and all! But the scene I’m watching now is very disappointing. But the one with the ‘little mule’ is excellent.
Mary: Trivia! MD is 40 and kt is 30 when this movie came out.
Emily: Oh my godddd. The music during this Little Mule scene. Ten years, huh?
Mary: In the village? At the party? Puke fest.
Mary: Also, for as cheesy as this movie is, that part is almost unbearable.
Emily: Oh brother. Yeah. ewwwwww.
Mary: The crux is pretty awesome though! She’s kicking ass!
Emily: i can’t wait!!!!
Emily: This movie is MADCAP.
Mary: I know!!!!!!
Mary: I just finished it! Call me if you want to process!
Emily: He mispronounces Cartagena the whole damn movie.
Mary: Omg I know.
Mary: Look at those snappers!

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